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Amishmart / CDM, Inc. has only been involved with Amish products since fall 1999, overall CDM, Inc. has been in business since 1977. We take great pride in supplying our customers with only the highest quality products available. Being located in the small town of Geneva, Indiana, which is in the heart of the Amish community here in Northeastern Indiana, has given us easy access to some of the very best Amish suppliers in the area and to some of the finest handcrafted products anywhere.

Location: Indiana

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NEW - Soups from Amishmart

We are now carrying a line of soups and stews that are absolutely delicious. We have fifteen (15) of the "Homemade in Minutes" mixes, which answer the urgent family need for convenience and nutrition. Only 30 minutes from stove top to table! Each package also features an inventive variation for another creative preparation. Each serves for to five people.

Our "Hearty Meals" section features sixteen (16) varieties, which offer a diverse selection of homemade soups for family and friends. Serve soup and bread - the perfect meal! Packages serve from 6 to 10 people and most of them freeze beatifully, so you can save any leftovers for a later time.

You can find these soup selections at the following link:

You and your family will love these soups, especially this winter when you need a meal to warm you up.


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